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Web Poll Features
Usage - Remotely hosted polls on WebsiteGear servers, real-time statistics, password protected account, web-based user interface. Set initial poll data, allowing easy transfer of polls to WebsiteGear.

AJAX Web Poll - Fully integrated web poll featuring the latest AJAX technology. Poll results are integrated into the web page and loads behind the scenes without reloading the page.

Works Without JavaScript - Option of using a version of the web poll code, which will work even when JavaScript is disabled on the user's browser.

No Restrictions - Unlimited number of polls per account & unlimited number of choices per poll.

Customize - Border color, background color, font face, font color, font size, poll width, custom header & footer HTML code, logo image. Results page match poll settings. Ability to hide total votes in results.

Multiple Choice Selection - Allow the voter to select multiple answers for a poll.

Result Link - Choice of providing a result link or button for user to view results before voting.

Hide Poll Results - Ability to hide poll results from voters and display a custom message instead.

Random Order Display - Provides an option of randomly arranging the answers displayed on the poll to avoid display biased polling.

Email & Newsletter Compatible - Special code provided for embedding web poll into HTML email and newsletters. Allow the recipient to vote directly from the email.
Compact Poll - Fully integrated web poll with the latest AJAX technology for a professional look. Poll results are integrated into the web page. Choose either stacked or in-line display of results. Help

Auto-Rotation - Auto-rotate selected web polls from your account on your website page with a single HTML code. Conserve valuable web space by displaying multiple polls at one location.

Vote Tracking - Enable vote tracking to avoid ballot stuffing. Set poll response frequency to allow users to vote as frequently as you want them to. Intelligent response tracking automatically shifts to IP logging when the cookie mechanism fails.

Web Poll Expiration - Set dates to expire the web poll. No votes will be recorded after that date.

Poll Archive - Archive web polls in your account. Display results of archived polls on your website or use a built-in customizable archive page.

Poll Template - Save web poll settings as templates to generate new web polls quickly and easily.

Redirect To Custom URL - Setup a customized page on your server and redirect the voter to that page (not applicable to compact polls).

Multi-Lingual Support - Support for any language including unicode character specifications such as Chinese, Japanese and Urdu. All relevant text and messages including the buttons on the poll are customizable for seamless integration into non-English websites. Create your own version of the messages in any language and use them in the polls.
Advanced Features - Platinum Membership
Capture Voter Credential - WebsiteGear captures the voter's credentials and displays the location based on IP address of the voter and date and time when the vote was recorded.

Allow Voter Input - The voter is allowed to enter text related to the chosen answer. For example, if an answer option 'other' is selected, the voter can specify the details as an input text. The data is visible in the reports.

Capture Voter Comments/Feedback - The voter is allowed to comment or leave feedback on the topic in addition to the answer choice selected. The comment is available in the response.

Data Filtering Capability - View and download customized reports for your web poll based on multiple data filtering capabilities.
Ability to Capture Voter Identity - Tracking a voter by a cookie or IP address may not be sufficient. WebsiteGear advanced web poll tracking allows for capturing custom voter identification data such as email address or a unique ID associated with the voter. This data can be a voter input or set as a hidden field. This allows to identify voter responses that are applicable to your organization/company.

Custom Vote Tracking - Advanced vote tracking mechanism uses the custom voter identification data to prevent duplicate votes.

Customized Subdomain/Domain - Ability to host a web poll using a customized URL instead of Contact us for details and pricing.