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Web Poll Customized Solutions


Custom Web Polls :

WebsiteGear provides customized solutions for your website's unique requirements. If the standard out-of-the-box web poll does not fit your company's polling needs, WebsiteGear can provide additional functionalities and host your web polls separately as a customized solution.

Example: 500 Home Run Club, LLC had a unique requirement for a polling solution for a contest on the best 500 home run moment. It required capturing the voters credentials such as name, address, email, phone etc. along with the vote from a choice of 20 answers. WebsiteGear provided a solution within a week and hosted the solution on multiple redundant servers with a customized domain name. To reduce spam entries, duplicate votes were prevented using various checkpoints. The data was accessible to the company via a password protected custom interface. Here is what they have to say:

"At 500 Home Run Club, LLC, we were pressed for time and needed a custom designed poll put together within one week's time for a large contest we were doing. I called WebsiteGear Inc. and with one phone call we were able to get exactly what we needed on time and very resonable price. We were very happy with the results and wouldn't use anyone other than WebsiteGear for our polling needs! Thanks again for everything." - Ken Barnett, 500 Home Run Club, LLC.


Dedicated Server Solutions :

For busy websites and larger companies, WebsiteGear provides dedicated web poll hosting solutions. The dedicated web poll solution will host the customer account on dedicated servers.

Benefits: There are many reasons why our customers choose dedicated solutions. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Isolation from other customer accounts - Dedicated servers provide hardware, software and data isolation from the other customers hosted in a shared environment.
  2. Supports high traffic volume - A dedicated solution will be able to cope with high volume of traffic and provide faster poll loads than the shared solutions. It is also cheaper to host on a dedicated server once the number of responses stored are high.
  3. Customization - WebsiteGear can provide software customizations (for additional fees) to any dedicated hosting solution to cater to customer's unique requirements.
  4. Branding - Dedicated solutions allow for total branding.
Contact us for pricing and additional details.