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Web Poll Feature Updates
WebsiteGear believes in - "Products get better with customer reviews and feature requests." Our web poll members send us their comments and requests for more features. These requests are implemented and released from time to time. The updates to the web poll tool are listed here.
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September 2006 Updates :

More Customization Options : Set the alignment options for question, answer and button. This will allow customization of the poll on your website to suit the website layout.

Allow Redirect URL : After voting, the voter can be redirected to a customized page on your server. Applicable to Gold and Platinum members only and does not apply to compact poll code.

Poll Result Code : Additional code provided to show the results of a poll. The poll code is available in the HTML code page for each poll. This provides a better customized option than the header and footer customization option.

Streamlined Error Messages : Error messages will be shown inside the web poll instead of a Javascript pop-up. Changes will be automatically reflected in the compact poll code. However, update any static web poll code.
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August 2006 Updates :

Web Poll Account : The site got a new look with expanded dimensions and new navigation scheme. The account navigation was moved to the side in order to fit all the account options. Detailed web poll account profile is now displayed.

Payment Options : Automated payment option is possible as well as change of membership plans is available from the user account view.

General Release of Platinum Membership : After months of development and beta testing, the platinum membership was finally released on a limited basis. View the platinum features from the features link. Contact us for options and pricing.
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March 2006 Updates :

Web Poll Templates : To ease the creation of web polls, now templates can be created and stored with the settings.

Web Poll Groups : Web polls can be assigned to a group. The groups can be used to rotate polls on your website. Different groups of polls will display random polls assigned to those groups.
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April 2004 Updates :

Random Display Of Poll Answers (Gold & Platinum Feature) : The web poll setup feature "Random Display" will order the answers in a web poll in a random manner. Randomizing answer choices will eliminate the biased responses based on the order in which choices appear in a web poll. What to do: Enable the web poll's "Random Display" setting.

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March 2004 Updates :

Multi-Lingual Support For Web Polls : WebsiteGear introduced multi-language support for web polls. The languages supported are Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portugese & Spanish. All relevant text and messages including the buttons on the poll are translated for seemless integration into non-English websites. If your choice of language is not in the list, do contact us. What to do: Update each web poll's language setting from English to your choice of language. No need to update web poll HTML code on your website if using compact polls.

Customizable Poll Archive List Page (Gold Feature) : A customizable archive page was added. This page will list the archived polls. The code for the link can be found in the HTML code page for any archived web poll. What to do: Add the link on your website to view the archived web polls (for Gold Members only).

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February 2004 Updates :

Enanced Poll Response Tracking (Gold Feature) : Vote response tracking is implemented by cookies. However, a voter can delete the cookie or the browser may not accept cookies (disabled cookie setting or other browser security settings will reject the cookie). In such cases, vote tracking by cookies will fail. WebsiteGear implemented an enhanced voter identification by enabling the IP tracking automatically if the cookie is not found. If the voter deletes the cookie after voting, the web poll code will not allow the user to vote again within a 24 hour period. What to do: Enable IP tracking feature for each of the web polls (for Gold Members only).

Compact Poll Support For Auto-Rotation (Gold Feature) : The auto-rotation code for Gold members opened the web poll results in a pop-up window. Members wanted the results to be integrated into the website page. WebsiteGear released a new code for auto-rotation with compact poll support. The older auto-rotation code is also supported. What to do: Replace the other code with the compact code for auto-rotation (for Gold Members only).

Hide Total Votes In Results : The poll results revealed the total votes data. We received requests to provide the ability to hide the total votes in the results. The relative bars and % values will be shown only in such cases. What to do: Check the box for "Hide Total Votes" for each web poll.

Enhanced JavaScript Compact Poll : Compact poll using JavaScript did not allow a user to view the results first and then return to vote. The web poll code was updated to provide such a functionality. What to do: No change to code on member site is necessary.

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January 2004 Updates :

Termination Of Advertisement Supported Free Web Polls : WebsiteGear provided free web polls supported by third party advertisements. We received several reports in 2003 about adware and spyware advertisements being served by the third party advertising networks. WebsiteGear decided to terminate free account after considering various other reasons. What to do: Free members will have to upgrade to Silver or Gold membership after the trial period.